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Apr. 1st, 2020 12:01 am
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Player: Byte
Canon: Transformers IDW
Canon Point: End of #54
Alignment: Sosyne
Date of Entry: 11/05/2016

Age: Over 4 millions years
Birthday: Unknown
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: None
Height: 7'5" Avatar height: 4'9"
Amulet: A necklace with the pendant shaped like the Decepticon symbol. He keeps it in his chest compartment out of plain sight.
Appearance: Link Holomatter avatar: 1
Profile: Link
Contact: [plurk.com profile] Sharkbyte

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
Key: ☐ (neutral; contact first) | ☑ (yes) | (no).
» Backtagging: ☑
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» Hugging: ☑
» Kissing: ☑
» Fighting: ☑
» Injuring: ☑
» Killing: ☐
» Fourth Wall: ☑
» Manipulation: ☐

IC Inbox

Nov. 9th, 2016 09:06 pm
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[ IC Inbox for Soundwave at [community profile] empatheias. (Please specify the date in the subject line!)]
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As explained in the app, Soundwave can hear thoughts and tamper with a person's mind(For example, if a character has dual-personality, he can forcefully bring the first or second personality out or if a person is brainwash or is under someone's influence he can remove it). Not only that, he's also a living lie detector.

Since Soundwave is super cool he won't do the mind reading/tampering thing unless he has good reason to, but let me know if you're comfortable with it and want to set any limits whatsoever.

Edit: A bit more detail on his ability. Soundwave has powerful hearing to the point that he can hear thoughts, emotions, smells, sounds, lights and taste. I don't know how it works specifically, canon hasn't specified how, but that's just how his abilities work. He can't do all of that at the same times tho or else he'll risk having his brain destroyed in the process.


Oct. 24th, 2016 08:14 pm
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SO how am I doing with Soundwave? Too monotone? Have any constructive criticism or comments? If so feel free to leave one! Any feedbacks will be appreciated.
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peacewithouttyranny: Art by deadballistic @ Deviantart (Default)

Player: Byte
Contact: [plurk.com profile] Sharkbyte
Age: 19
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Soundwave
Age: Over 4 million years old
Canon: Transformers IDW
Canon Point: At the end of The Transformers #54

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Oct. 11th, 2016 11:14 pm
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After Soundwave explored and gathered information about this world he decided to call it a day, he then searched for a desolate place to stay for the time being. He tried to figure out how , or rather, why was he brought into this world and the information he gathered didn't helped making him less unhappy.

"A world affected by emotions," He vented. "Ridiculous." Well, it would've been if he didn't saw it happened with his own optic. He sighed, it has been a long day and he need to recharge.

After some time has past, Soundwave noticed a black cat approached him. Soundwave looked down and was confused as to why an organic animal would want to approach him. The cat brushed itself around Soundwave's leg and soon it became clear to him. It just needed an accompany.

Soundwave decided to humour the cat and dropped to one knee to gave it a pet. The cat purred and Soundwave couldn't help smiling slightly under his faceplate. The scenery around Soundwave became warm and he felt the warming sensation. He decided to continue petting the cat some more and the cat purr and brushes Soundwave's leg.

"So this must be what Thundercracker feels when he's with that earth dog."

This cat kind of reminds him of Ravage....

Ravage. His first friend.

His friend who died. Ravage's death lingered on Soundwave's mind and he frowned. Remembering that telepathic sense he felt when Ravage's spark goes dim. That sick sense he felt. The warming scenery slowly turned ice-cold with the ground freezing below his leg. The cat noticed the change of scenery and backed away slowly before it ran away at full speed. Soundwave watched the feline left the area and does nothing to stop it. Soundwave looked down and continued grieving over his friend's death not caring that the air around him grows colder and the surrounding area frozen.


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